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The Great Cypress Swamp is a beautiful forested area located on the Delmarva Peninsula. It is one of the largest contiguous forested areas in the Delmarva Peninsula. You can enjoy the many natural features of this region. In addition to attracting many tourists, the swamp is a good place to learn more about the history of the region. There are numerous trails and activities that visitors can participate in.

Andrew Martin grew up on a farm in the swamp and is now the social media director for Delaware Wild Lands. His job is to educate and engage with the public about the Swamp. As the social media director for the organization, he is responsible for promoting conservation efforts and restoring the habitat for wildlife in Delaware. He is an expert on the natural resources of this part of the state. He has extensive knowledge on the marsh ecosystem, including the species found in the swamp.

The Great Cypress Swamp Frankford DE is one of the best places in the Delaware region to learn about and appreciate the natural environment. Despite the fact that the land is now encroached upon, this area still features an amazing array of wildlife. While it was once a large swamp, it is now reduced by development and ditching. Still, it is the biggest freshwater wetland on the Delmarva Peninsula. The DWL is committed to restoring the Great Cypress Swamp ecosystem, and the first step was buying the pond in 1961.

The Great Cypress Swamp is a beautiful, natural place to visit. It is the most diverse property owned by the DWL. Its natural habitat is transitioning from a forest to a wetland and is a protected area. The DWL manages about 20,000 acres of land in Delaware and Maryland. You can walk through the swamp or watch the wildlife in the trees. The water-birds are the most common creatures in the swamp, and the marshes and pond turtles are not far behind.

The Great Cypress Swamp is a protected wildlife refuge in southern Sussex County. Its wetlands are home to several species of birds, including migratory shorebirds. The swamp has a rich history and has been a place for human life for over 6,000 years. The Great Cypress Swamp is also a great place for people to get away and enjoy nature. With its unique landscape, it’s a place to visit for residents and tourists.

This natural sanctuary is a popular place to visit in Delaware and surrounding areas. Its large bald cypress trees are a main feature of the area. However, the Swamp is only accessible to those who are interested in learning about it. There are several ways to visit the area and explore its wildlife. You can go on a guided tour of the site or simply wander through the trails and enjoy the beauty.

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