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Controlling Moisture Levels in a Crawl Space

Moisture is linked to many problems in crawl spaces. Research shows that rainwater, evaporation from the ground (soil), and water leaks from faulty plumbing are to blame for high moisture levels in crawl spaces.

Generally, if crawl spaces are left as they are, high moisture levels are inevitable regardless of the resulting problems. High moisture levels in crawl spaces are linked to mold growth, pest and insect infestation problems. These problems attract other problems like poor indoor air quality and high energy bills. The importance of controlling moisture levels in crawl spaces can’t, therefore, be overlooked.

Signs You Have Moisture Control Issues in Your Crawl Space

Can you spot greenish or whitish mold or mildew in your crawl space? If yes, you have moisture control problems..
Bad indoor odor
Does your indoors smell musty? Mold overgrowth results in an unpleasant musty smell. Rotting wood also emits a bad smell.
Indoor condensation
Are your windows “sweating”? Excess indoor moisture can make windows appear to “sweat” or have a layer of wet vapor. Condensation can also affect water pipes, insulation, and other items in crawl spaces or indoors.
Water presence
Are there visible signs of water i.e., wet ground or poor drainage? Can you spot rust on metal piping or metal fixtures?
Pest/Insect Infestation
Pests and insects like rats and cockroaches love damp, dark places. If you have a pest/insect problem, moisture issues in your crawl space may be to blame.

Benefits of Crawl Space Moisture Control Systems

Moisture problems in foundations or other areas in your home can be addressed by installing moisture control systems. These systems have notable benefits categorized as follows;

1. Health Benefits

When moisture levels are controlled in crawl spaces, you eliminate mold, mildew, insects, and pests that cause health problems directly and indirectly. You/your family can forget about asthma and other respiratory health problems linked to mold, as well as many other diseases linked to insects and pests.

2. Cost Benefits

High moisture in crawl spaces alters indoor temperature. A crawl space vapor barrier, combined with air sealing, a dehumidifier and drainage system is proven to improve energy efficiency in your home. When moisture levels are in check, it is easier to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature with less energy (cooling or heating). What’s more, your family is bound to fall sick less often resulting in cost savings. You also avoid moisture damage repair costs.

3. Comfort Benefits

Moisture control also ensures your home doesn’t become too cold, hot, stuffy, or dry. A vapor barrier, dehumidifiers, and other water control remedies ensure your home maintains optimal internal environment.

4. Safety Benefits

Moisture can damage your home’s foundation posing serious safety risks. Moisture control systems stops this from happening.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Crawl Space Moisture Control Company

Effective Services: You can’t depend on novice moisture control services. Expert moisture control companies are the only professionals who can guarantee that your moisture problems are over and your family is safe.

Stress-free Moisture Control: There are countless sources of moisture in crawl spaces ranging from leaking plumbing lines, rainwater, flooding, cracked foundation walls, etc., that require experts to solve. It takes expert knowledge, a lot of effort, and time to turn vapor control into a successful Do-It-Yourself-project.

Related Services: Moisture may not be the only issue in your crawl space. Crawl space experts can handle any unique problems that may arise.

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