Learn More About Millsboro Pond, DE

Millsboro Pond, a 101-acre lake in the southeast corner of the state, is ideal for small to moderate-sized boats. Kayaks and canoes are suitable for this location.

Millsboro Pond is home to a variety of fish.

On the southeast side of the lake, near the boat launch ramp, is the only shoreline suitable for fishing from the bank. Bass, crappie, sunfish, perch, and pickerel are among the lake’s fish.

What is the location of Millsboro Pond?

Millsboro Pond is located in Sussex County, Delaware, and is open to fishing. This body of water has a maximum depth of 12 feet and encompasses little over 100 acres of surface area. It takes its name from the town of Millsboro, where it is found. Boating, kayaking, camping, and fishing are all available here.

Do you know if Delaware has any natural ponds?

More than 30 freshwater lakes and ponds in Delaware are open for fishing and other recreational activities. The Division of Fish and Wildlife manages the majority of these impoundments, which range in size from five to 189 acres.

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